Cold Weather Tips

Some downright bone-chilling weather is affecting the Mid-Shore this week!  Thanks a lot, Polar Vortex! Stay safe and be smart-here are some tips! For your own safety, dress in layers and bundle up!  With temps around zero, avoid any prolonged exposure of your skin to the outdoors!  The colder it gets, the easier frostbite and…


Mark Potter’s Blog: Top Football movies

(UPDATE):  I miss football already.  Let’s keep this post around awhile longer! -MP Thinking about football (as I often do) this morning got me looking around online and Redbox just recently asked customers to name their top 5 favorite football movies.  Here are the top five…The Blind Side, Remember the Titans, Rudy, The Waterboy, and The…


Mark Potter’s Blog: No Social Media Monday? Yep!

Today I’m “unplugging” from Social Media for a day!  Why?  Because I read somewhere an estimate of how many times we check Social Media, and I know I’m addicted.  It’s scary bad.  Can I do it?  So far, so good (I made it through the Morning Show)!  My wife has no faith in me.  Based…