RIP George Michael

2016, go away please.

I’m starting to feel old.  People from the 80s aren’t supposed to be dying.  In one year:  Glenn Frey, Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, George Michael.  And too many others.  Now I get an idea of what it was like in 1970-71 when I know there was a flurry of deaths (Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison)..

My top 5 by George Michael:

5. Fastlove
4. Freedom ’90
3. Faith
2. Praying for Time
1. One More Try

I think I heard Careless Whisper & Father Figure just too many times playing them on the radio (not to mention listening on my walkman), so I prefer some of the others.

These are songs for me that have memories linked to them…like said walkman in the bedroom of a lonely 17 year old wondering if he’d ever have a girlfriend.  Not that that was me ever.

Or a Salisbury University freshman playing the music on the student run station, when it had to be Top 40 music at mealtimes for the kids in the dining hall (because all of the upperclassmen had the cool Saturday Night ‘play anything you want’ formats).

Rough year for the 80’s….Madonna sweetheart watch your back this week!

That better be it 2016, or else.

Matt out.