Valentine’s Day Prank

I have to say, I’m one of those people that doesn’t take very kindly to pranks.The harmless ones, that don’t involve any kind of physical, mental or soul crushing harm (too far?) are fine with me. This, is one of those pranks. Enter the Never-Ending Valentine’s Day Card.

This thing is sheer brilliance, and I hope my boyfriend isn’t reading this because he can fully expect to get one. So, on the outside, the NEVDC (as it shall henceforth be known) looks like any ol’ card that plays a friendly well known tune. That is until you open it and press the button… An unbearably obnoxious jingle begins to play, and it won’t stop for 3 HOURS STRAIGHT!

If they try to press the button a second time in the hopes that it’ll stop, they’re gonna be sorely disappointed! The only way to stop this card from playing the music is to destroy it. Tear it up, and crush the circuit board. It doesn’t end there.. Here’s my absolute favorite part, when you destroy the card it releases heart shaped glitter everywhere. Yay! Glitter! You can grab your unsuspecting victim significant other and/or friend this card by clicking here.

Enjoy and if you get in serious trouble- you didn’t hear it from me!