Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

This is not a drill! Today is the day we celebrate the invention of bubble wrap! Here’s something that you may not know about the introduction of our favorite stress-relieving wrapping tool, it was originally invented to be a really cool trendy wallpaper… Wait, what:?! No! Yes, my friends.. yes. I imagine a room with the walls covered in bubble wrap and I have to say, the idea is kind of intriguing, despite the fact that the bubbles would probably remain unpopped for a very short period of time. At least up to a certain height.. This Jules is a shorty.

So how does one celebrate National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? Grab the nearest roll of plasticy bubble poppin’ wonder and go to town! I’m sure we’ve all got some stress to relieve, and bubble wrap is here to help. No bubble wrap to be found within the near vicinity? No worries, here’s a virtual bubble wrap poppin simulator (yes, they exist). Just click here, and thank me later.

Found Some! Celebrating to the fullest!

Found Some! Celebrating to the fullest! P.S. There may or may not have been a mini -bubble wrap-selfie-photo shoot and yes, I am wearing a fuzzy hat, enjoy.