Repair Cafe

What is a repair cafe? Good question, it’s a free meeting place where folks in the community can show up with things that need to be fixed. “Repair Coaches”, volunteers with the ability to help you fix things, gather together in a communal location, whether that be in a town hall, library, church basement.. wherever, and help people fix things. They come bearing tools and advice, to fix that lamp that you love, but would’ve otherwise thrown away because it flickers or that vacuum cleaner, that’s been more of a hassle than anything, but certainly cost a bundle.

These repair cafes are especially wonderful because they allow you to simultaneously save money, save the environment (by not adding to the trash heap) and get closer to folks in your community. The Repair Cafe’s make no guarantee that they’ll be able to fix whatever needs fixin’, but they sure will try! These are community formed things, and I say the Midshore needs a few! If you know someone that’s always fixing things or is a hobbyist that makes it their mission to figure out what’s wrong with random gadgets- talk to them! Let’s do this! We’ll all be better for it! Learn more about repair cafes by clicking here!