Snack Stadium

Jules here, dreaming of a stadium completely made of snacks. Maybe not this year, but the snack stadium will be in my future, I feel it in me bones!  I’ve seen a ton of versions of this very special Super Bowl snack over the years, but one in particular has stayed with me. One where the stands are made of Twinkies, and the players are made of vienna sausages adorned with tiny cheese helmets. Complete with an all dip field and Slim Jim (slam into a Slim Jim OH YEAH!) goal posts. This is the snack stadium that I dream of, this is the one, that through this recipe, I will share with you. May all of your Super Bowl snacking dreams come true. if you make one of these think of me!/ maybe take a picture and send it to me. I’d love to live out my #snackgoals vicariously through you! Click here to discover snacking magic!