Matt’s Blog: SB51 postmortem

Things on my mind/takeaways after the SB51 festivities last night:

  • How cool was it to see the QAC Courthouse in Downtown Centreville featured on the pre-game Salute to America set to the classic country music by Johnny Cash?
  • Luke Bryan did a great job singing the National Anthem, but am I the only one that thought he said “…FOR” (the land of the free) rather than “O’ER,” which is the correct lyric?  I deduct points for that, even if the Twitterverse missed it.  Maybe I’m the only one that knows the right lyrics.
  • Kudos to Preston Automotive Group for running their patriotic salute to the military during the Big Game.  And people wonder how they sell so many cars…
  • Lady GaGa is cool w/me.  Despite the predictions that she would turn her halftime performance into (yet another) political statement disguised as pop culture, she did not do any overt political crap and just sang her songs (and dove off the top of the stadium)!!  Besides there were PLENTY of veiled political messages in the ads…leading me to say…
  • The ads were very UNDERwhelming!  Now, I admit unlike most, I am NOT watching for the ads, so I take my bathroom and fridge breaks (gasp) during the commercials…so I was not paying attention with a scorecard to all of the ads.  But still, NONE really stood out to me as being GREAT.  The only one that really caught my attention was the one that was live where Adam Driver walked out of the saloon and all of a sudden barks out the current score of the game!  That was unexepected.  Also unexpected was the preachiness of many of the ads.  Can’t I just watch a game without some conglomerate trying to teach me how to think?
  • On to the game.  I was so proud to see my old Salisbury U classmate, Dan Quinn, doing his thing.  Congrats to him and the entire Atlanta organization!  The first half was so much fun to watch.  Then came the second half, which felt like such a killjoy.  It was like I was back in college at a great party for the first half.  Everyone was so festive!  My old buddy’s team was kicking the Patriots (who I hate with a passion) collective butt!  I was in heaven!  Then that second half happened.  As the Patriots rallied it was like our fun party got busted by the cops.  No more fun.  Then we got caught and got locked up (metaphorically speaking, of course).
  • Tom Brady is the man.  As much as I hate it, I will admit it.  I have hated Brady and the Patriots ever since they stole a playoff game from the Raiders in the “Tuck Rule” game years ago.  Ever since then, Brady has been the man.  He is probably the best of all time.  Hard to argue with a 5-2 record in the Super Bowl.  Most quarterbacks are considered great to have won ONE…while he has been to SEVEN and won FIVE.  Yes, he has a great coach.  Yes, he has had great defenses.  Yes, he’s cheated.  But I’ll give him his due.  He is great.
  • Something else that is great (or used to be, at least) was “24”…and I hope it is as great with the new guy as it was with Kiefer Sutherland.  I was not able to stay up quite that late…which means I have work to do.  Let’s get to it.  Fire up the DVR!!
  • I hope you enjoyed the whole affair as much as I did.  I don’t “like” the outcome for sure…but I respect the greatness that was on display.  Can’t wait for next year!