The Drive-in that Dreams are Made of

If you build the best drive-in movie theater ever, Jules will come! You’ll have to excuse the awkward field of dreams reference, but #TRUTH! So, I feel like I’ve missed out on some of the cooler things that have fallen out o’ fashion. Like for instance, drive-in movie theaters. A relic of a bygone era that’s no longer appreciated because of climate controlled movie theaters with stadium seating and cushy squishy chairs… Well, let it be noted that that may no longer be the case!

Something really cool, the first of its kind is popping up in the home of country music, Nashville! Those Nashvillians are about to do it up big with an indoor drive-in theater, the August Moon Drive-in. This is drive-in theatering at its finest. It’s an air-controlled dome, filled with grass, full sized trees, hammocks, classic cars, even fireflies, a star-filled sky and a “sailor’s moon” whatever that is, I do know that in this case it’s definitely not a kids anime show.  You can choose to watch the movie from one of the awesome classic cars or from a picnic blanket spread out on the grass! The whole idea is that this is really a mini theme park. Essentially a giant movie set, that re-enacts a perfect night at the ol’ drive-in. So, I’m sure you’re already planning your trip and on that note, it opens next year. Click here for all of the details and pics!