Space Age STRAW

No, I’m not yelling straw at you, I promise. It’s an acronym, and I’ll get to that in a minute.. McDonald’s is pullin’ out all the stops, or should I straws…(eh?) for this new Chocolate Shamrock Shake that is half shamrock shake, and half chocolate shake (in 2 layers). Now, obviously when you get any kind of layered beverage, whether that’s a Slurpee or a multi-flavored/layered milkshake i.e. chocolate shamrock shake, you kind of accept the fact that you’re most likely going to be drinking one layer of flavor, followed by the next. Unless you decide to be brave and fearless and mix it all together, which is a commitment that there’s no coming back from (at least as far as that specific drink is concerned). McDonald’s has taken it upon themselves to remedy this specific problem by commissioning fancy engineers to make a straw that gives you the perfect flavor ratio of 50 percent shamrock mint milkshake to 50 percent chocolate milkshake per sip. Basically, they care about you and your feelings enough to give you multi-layered milkshake sipping perfection.

You may think that McDonald’s took it one step too far, but did they? I personally think that this weird candy cane shaped straw with 3 strategically placed drink holes is extra exciting. Partially because they literally went to all that trouble for us to better enjoy a Chocolate. Shamrock. Shake. What is that even?! I love it! When they roll something out, they whip out the durn red carpet! Now, back to that Acronym STRAW, it stands for Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal (whatever that means). It’s a fancy straw and there are only 2,000 in existence at select McDonald’s locations. Click here for an explainer video. Yes, there’s an explainer video. Enjoy!!!!