Let there be Warmth!

Matt’s Blog (4.13.17) — Ah, I love it when the weather heats up like this.  It’s always a direct conflict in my house, because my wife can’t stand hot weather, while I love it.  I love it when it gets to be 80+ degrees, and you want to wear shorts and be outside every day.  In fact I don’t mind a bit of sweat, either (I think that’s really where my wife’s disdain for the heat lies).

Like it or not, we have definitely begun “The Season” as I’ve noticed an uptick in Route 50 traffic on Fridays, but a fuller calendar on our wall here at the station.  Welcome to the season of the annual Rusticana Pizza Anniversary Party (this Sat. 4/15), where the place will be jammed with folks craving delicious cheese pizza slices (for just ONE dollar each, no less)!  It’s all happening from Noon til 2 pm on Saturday.

Earlier this month our stations were also out at the Chesapeake Spring Home & Garden Expo, and the annual Clearwater Pool & Spa Annual Sale, other sure signs of Spring.  Before you know it, the days of the Delaware State Fair and the County Fairs and festivals will be here for sure…so get out and take it all in!!