International KISSing Day (my way)

I read this morning that today is officially “International Kissing Day”…  I’m not sure if that means we should kiss someone from another country, or kiss someone we love in another country…or just celebrate kissing all around the world.  Just think, if we could get everyone on board with this, the world might be a much better place right now.

Since I don’t have a clear definition, I’ll just give my wife & son a kiss…and better yet, I’m gonna play KISS music all afternoon when I get home!  Yeah-I’m “KISSing” all day long!!

What’s your favorite KISS song?  There’s the obvious “Rock & Roll All Night” but I am partial to the “Destroyer” album…so I’m going with “God of Thunder” as my favorite KISS jam.  I love that whole album…it was the first album I ever had as a kid, and the songs are ingrained in my memory because I wore that vinyl out.  So I’m ready to KISS the afternoon away!  Enjoy your day and be sure to KISS someone! -Matt