Beatin’ the Heat!!

We are definitely in the Dog Days of Summer!  Although it’s no surprise for Mid-July to be hot, we always want to remind you about things you should keep in mind this time of year when it gets hot:

  • -Avoid strenuous physical activity!  This is not the time to go for a run!
  • -Wear lightweight, loose fitting clothing (light-colored helps too)!
  • -Stay inside (in the AC) as much as possible.  Crank up WINX-FM and take a nap!!
  • -If you don’t have air conditioning, go somewhere that does!  The library, the movies, or a big box store would work (do some ‘window shopping,’ etc.)!
  • -If you must be outside, stay hydrated!  If you begin to feel weak or think you could be suffering from heat exhaustion, slow down and find relief from the heat asap, and seek medical attention!
  • -Bring your outdoor pets inside!  Animals like dogs get hot with a coat of fur, and do not sweat, making it more difficult for them to cool off.  If an animal must be kept outside, make sure it has proper shade and cold water!
  • -Check on elderly neighbors.  Heat affects the elderly and the very young worse than strong adults.