The stuff: 7/25

Here’s The Stuff I got for you today:

  • Cleanup continues in Queen Anne’s County today after a (now confirmed) tornado touched down in Stevensville early Monday Morning.  Power crews are working round the clock to restore service to affected areas.
  • “Ghost in the Shell” with Scarlett Johanssen comes out on Blu Ray today.  Meanwhile, “Atomic Blonde” with Charlize Theron comes out in theatres on Friday.  I always get these two actresses confused.  Now I’m getting these two movies confused.  Could they be the same movie, actually?  Would anyone notice?
  • MGM says they’re releasing a new Bond movie in Nov. of 2019.  Who’s gonna play Bond?  Does it really matter?  Maybe Charlize Johanssen.  Nevermind.
  • Justin Bieber had to cancel his world tour.  Why?  He wants more time to ride bikes.  Really.  Look it up.
  • Millenials are getting fake dimples in droves.  I worry about our future.
  • It’s National Video Games Day!  While my 3 year old prevents me from devoting too much time to my beloved PS4, I like to Game On when I can.  I love the Metal Gear Series, especially!