Tuesday Tidbits

It’s the start of a new month, AND… thoughts are slowly but surely (albeit very reluctantly) turning to fall.

Of course that also means there is a lot coming up! Besides going back to school for the kids 🙁 it also means county fairs, beach weekend getaways, the Fall TV Season premieres, and also… concerts!

Besides last weekend’s event in NYC (Classic East), there are a few very significant music festivals happening across the country (that if you CAN go, DO!). One that is catching my eye, because of the premise of the event, and the music lineup, is KAABOO! Keep reading!


Other Tuesday Tidbits: The Music Industry newsies are abuzz this morning with a number of stories including:

An unnamed source reports: “Beyoncé is already hard at work, having the twins has inspired her. She has been recording new material and is planning a surprise tour for her fans too – expect an announcement soon. She is more determined than ever and feels inspired by having her babies recently.”

The unnamed source added: “Beyoncé has hired nannies to help with the twins and she’s been writing and recording new material while working hard to get back in shape. There is no way she is going to step away for a few years to raise her kids, that is not on her agenda at the moment, she’s raring to go again.” 

For Classic Lunch news…

Here is a great story about something cherished that was thought to be completely lost forever, only to find it literally rise from the ashes, just like its name foretold…

Peter Frampton’s story of The Phoenix, his guitar returned after 30 years

“Let’s start at the beginning,” Peter Frampton says with his British accent over the phone from his home in Nashville, Tennessee, his “main hang.”

In 1968, the British musician was forming the band Humble Pie, but he is best known for his hit album in 1976, “Frampton Comes Alive!” — which sold more than 10 million copies and held the distinction of best-selling live rock album in history until 1998.

In between that time, in 1970, a custom Gibson Les Paul was given to Frampton from a “dear” friend in San Francisco — “The Phoenix”. It’s black with white surrounds on the pickups and it’s on the cover of “Frampton Comes Alive!” — along with his flowing blonde locks.

“Everything from 1970 to 1980, that guitar was basically the only guitar I ever played,” Frampton said.

In 1980, Frampton and the rest of his bandmates were performing in South America — from Argentina to Brazil, up to Venezuela and then a stop at Caracas before a day off in Panama. On their way to Panama, their equipment flew separately from them for the “first time.”

It crashed on takeoff, killing those on board.

After a week hitting stages with rented gear, Frampton sent his technician to the site of the crash to see what was left, seeing as there were three guitars on there that were “pretty special” — The Phoenix being one of them.

“He said there’s nothing left. It’s just gone,” Frampton said.


The Phoenix, the guitar the rock icon used nonstop for 10 years, was gone.

“I’m a creature of habit, and I have an addictive personality,” he said laughing, “so not only was it just my favorite guitar, but I was addicted to it. I had to have it.”

But it was gone, so he thought.

Frampton got together with Gibson in the early 2000s to design the Peter Frampton Les Paul custom, made as close to The Phoenix from Frampton’s memory of it.

“Nothing felt right because no piece of wood is the same anyways,” Frampton said of anything meant to replace the guitar that made him famous. “Even if there was the guitar made the same day as the one I lost, it wouldn’t be the same. They’re so individual.”

In 2008 or 2009, Frampton received an email that was sent to his website — about a dozen pictures of the guitar that was “lost” in the plane crash in Panama in 1980.

“It looks a little rough,” he says with a laugh. “But it’s my guitar. I know it’s my guitar.”

It gets complicated for Frampton because he says he’s dealing with a stolen guitar, as someone must have pilfered the wreckage in Panama before his guy could get back.

“I went berserk,” he said. “Can you imagine finding out after 30 years that this guitar, this famous guitar, exists?”

Two years later, someone from Curacao finally returned The Phoenix to him. Gibson verified it (even though Frampton knew it was the guitar). It wasn’t playable and needed some “love and care,” but Frampton brought it back to life.

“I play it every night now,” Frampton said.

That is my kind of happily ever after story. ~ MW

If you can Kaaboo, then do! The lineup for music! The food, the art the stand up entertainment too! (Ok enough rhyming for now!)

Seriously though… I have a number of friends who last year, were able to make it across the country to partake in the monumental concert event, Desert Trip. If you have the chance to also do something like that, then carpe diem!

They are billing this as a Music, Art, Comedy, Cuisine, Indulgences & Play event – September 15-17 at Del Mar in San Diego.

The music line up alone is stellar!…. Just a few of the many musicians playing: Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Guetta, Kesha, X Ambassadors, Michael McDonald,  P!nk, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Jason Derulo, Jackson Browne, Alanis Morissette, +Live+, Jackson Brown, and… if they’re showing a pic of Lenny Kravitz on the home page , just gotta believe he’s also going to be performing! (Someone go for me please? Be my reporter willya?) There are also stand up comedy acts from Patton Oswalt, Arsenio Hall,  David Spade, and several others… WHEW!

This is certainly way more than just a romp in the desert like Coachella, and appeals to a wider audience than Desert Trip… So if you can Kaaboo, please do! It sounds like it’ll be quite an experience! For all the info, here is the Kaaboo website with all the deets. (yes, I did just type that).

Have a great 1st day of August friends!

Mary Wilder