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Monday, Monday… it certainly is a grey, cloudy stormy sort of day… but, it’s still a great day to see what is new, exciting… or news worthy…. 

The Go-Go’s… was just over at their website, and it looks like not only are they working on something exciting for 2018, they are campaigning for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… #gogos4rockhall2018  – check their site out for more info.

So…. I started writing this yesterday (Monday), and then we started getting National Weather Service alerts… there were 3 Tornado Warnings issued yesterday for the Shore, and 1 confirmed Tornado in Salisbury at approximately 4:45pm… But, that derailed my writing for Monday, so I’m picking up where I left offf….

Now, where was I? Or how about I just start with today? Haha

There are a number of exciting things that are in the works here at WCEI, and more will be revealed in the coming weeks, but to give you a couple of clues, one has to do with repeating something we did last year, another with leg warmers, and another with PIE….

I did come across some fun concert news that if you’re into any of these bands, you might want to book your flight for FLA now… Nov 4th and 5th, head to Pembroke Pines and check out 80’s Rock. No, this isn’t a Tiffany inspired dance party… these are the rockin’ 80’s. The line-up includes: Lynyrd SkynyrdCheap Trick, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Sebastian BachDokkenFoghatLita Ford, the OutlawsLittle River BandJack Russell’s Great White, and Quiet Riot!

Here’s the website for more info, and now, I’m curious, who are the “Mystery Guests” going to be??? This is one show that I know a lot of us would LOVE to see!

Well friends, to quote a famous little red head and pig…. The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow… and that’s all folks! (For today!)


More The Mary rrrrr