National Bookworm Day

Today is “National Bookworm Day”…what is your favorite book, or book series?  Do you still read traditional books or do you prefer to read on a device?  I will admit, it’s been awhile since I fully read a complete novel.  We do so much reading all day…websites, emails, newspapers (and I do read Entertainment Weekly magazine and graphic novels/comic books) that I don’t find much time to devote to the ol’ fashioned page turners.  Still, I probably have more than a dozen books that I am in the middle of…from Grisham to Stephen King, to Star Wars novels and non-fiction sports books…I’m all over the map.

Perhaps a little “me” time with a good book and peace & quiet is what we all need…maybe give it a try!

If you need help or advice finding the right book to read, let Mystery Loves Company Booksellers help!  Located in Oxford, they have a shop with lots of options, as well as an online store at  Listen for their “Chesapeake Bestsellers” update each Friday at 8:50am, featuring a rundown of the top 5 best selling national and local books.