Tickets to the Chesapeake Storytelling Festival — Thanks to all who entered!

The Chesapeake Storytelling Festival is one of the greatest, most spectacular, mind-expanding events you will ever experience in your lifetime! And, we’re not just telling a yarn! The Chesapeake Storytelling Festival is your opportunity to see, hear and imagine some of the greatest stories ever told by some of the greatest maestros of the written word! And. as if this wasn’t the most majestic experience ever, we have been endowed with a number of pairs of tickets! So, gather yourself, complete the entry form, and then be prepare to be captivated, imaginated and illuminated on the most remarkable journey every imagined by mere mortals. The Great Chesapeake Storytelling Festival, coming to Chesapeake College September 16th. For tickets and more information visit

You must be at least 18 years old to enter and you may only submit one entry per contest. You must Click Here and read the complete contest rules prior to registering.