From the Hubba Hubba Department….

Every now and then,  the Google Gods deliver something that they know will delight me, even if it’s a few years old. That was the case this afternoon, when I was looking up Starz’s “Outlander” for any news.

Last night, I finally had the chance to sit and watch the Season 3 Premiere of “Outlander”, and shew! I cannot wait to see this Sunday’s episode. Ok, don’t get me wrong, Sam is well, gorgeous, BUT, I truly, truly love this series, and would encourage you to either start with Diana Gabaldon’s book, or go back to Season 1 and watch it in its entirety.

“Outlander” is one of those rare, incredibly well written, acted and designed series that doesn’t come along all that often. Besides, I love a good accent. That said, there are a few of these fun videos over on YouTube that Sam has done… learn how to pronounce some Gaelic, and enjoy! Happy Thursday friends!