Snow Day Boredom Busters for kids!

It’s ANOTHER “Snow Day” on the Mid-Shore (well, perhaps we should call today an “Ice Day”…), and if you’re like me-at home with the kids for a large part of the day-you might be able to put some of these to use:

-Make an Indoor Obstacle Course (this is happening for sure today in my house).  Just move the coffee table out of the way to avoid ouchies!

-Science Experiments (based on the look my wife just gave me, perhaps we should not try this at home.  You didn’t hear it from me, to say the least)!

-Play Balloon Tennis (I love it!  Blow up some balloons and save the living room decorations from destruction!)

-Get a jump start on Valentines!  2/14 will be here before you know it!

-Make your own play-dough or do a batch of DIY slime!  (Disclaimer:  cleanup required!)

-Play a game, put together that Christmas present you left in the other room, record some YouTube videos.  Whatever you do, make sure you cherish this special time you have with your children!  See it as a positive rather than a burden.  Work will be there tomorrow (or whenever we get back to normal).  Your children will cherish the memories you make today for a lifetime!

(thanks to the website for the source material on this)!