MLK Holiday-how will you spend it?

It is the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday.  Dr. King would have been 89 (it actually does fall on his birthday this year).  The day is also referred to now as the National Day of Service.  We are all encouraged to do something positive for our community.  It could be through a school, church, shelter, or other organization.  Rather than resorting to violence and protest, people are encouraged to peacefully and positively address issues facing our country through an act of volunteer service.

Much of this will be on display with folks from the Mid-Shore coming together at the MLK Basketball Classic in Easton.  Students from all over the Mid-Shore have signed up to play basketball (they are inter-mingled with kids from each county mixed up and put on each team).  Volunteers like police officers, teachers, elected leaders, and others will be on hand, sneaking in some of the lessons of Dr. King in-between the layups and foul shots.  If you want to see an example of people here on the Mid-Shore making a difference & doing something positive that I’m sure Dr. King would be proud of, make your way to Easton Middle School and the YMCA of the Chesapeake on Monday Morning.  Doors open at 8am with an opening ceremony at EMS.  Games start at 9 (relax, teams are already set).  Spectators are welcome.  Let’s fill the place…the kids would love it.

Do you have other plans for MLK Day where you will be having a positive impact on your community?  Feel free to share with me!  Email [email protected].  Let’s do our best to remember Dr. King’s lessons and be kind to one another!