Snow Days…CHILL out!!

We have had our share of “Snow Days” lately for sure!  As a parent, and a person who’s got to go to work, I know how frustrating it can be to look out the window (or get out on the roads) and be feeling like WHY DID THEY CANCEL SCHOOL or WHY DIDN’T THEY CANCEL SCHOOL.  Seems like we have had cases of both just in the last week.  A few things to consider:  Our counties are BIG.  What you see during your commute may not reflect what the big picture is for the county.  You may be in an area or neighborhood where it’s easy access to school…but county officials need to consider the folks down those back roads, out in the country, and whether buses can safely get in and out.  And is it safe for the kids to be outside waiting for the bus?  And what’s the weather like moving forward in the day?

I’m not sure it will make you feel much better, but I can tell you with confidence, that these decision-makers are NOT just getting out of bed, looking out the window, and “calling it a day” just so they can get the day off.  County school systems have dedicated transportation officials that actually drive county roads to check conditions…long before any of us even open our eyes.  Once they gather the best info they can, they then need to consider all of the safety issues for every student in the county.  I would not want to be the one making the decision, sure to face criticism no matter what decision I make.

After talking to some of these folks long ago and hearing about the pressure they feel and how much they try to make the “right” decision each day…I decided I would never pick on them about what they decide to do.  Everything in our society talks about doing things right and stopping negativity and don’t bully people…yet we do it every day to somebody, when you think about it.  So, try to walk a mile (or maybe just a few steps) in somebody else’s snow boots, before you post something critical.

I saw this quote recently and it stuck with me:  “A great attitude becomes a great mood.  Which becomes a great day.  Which becomes a great year.  Which becomes a great life.”  Remind yourself of that one and a 90 minute delay (or not) really means nothing.