Devoted Statesmen vs Flying Birds

They did it again.  Those darned NEP defeated JAC on Sunday to advance to “The Big Game,” SB52.  Over in Philly the EAG really kicked the hineys of MIN.  I was excited for JAC to beat Tom Brady and NEP but really, who in the world thought that was going to happen?  It was like watching something pre-scripted.  You didn’t have to be Nostradamus to the NEP comeback coming.  Today I was told that Brady, you have to admit, is the GOAT.  Well perhaps…even if this GOAT seems to always get help from ZEBRAS.

So, who’s your pick?  My heart says Philly’s Fying Birds by any score who cares.

My head says the Devoted Statesmen of America do it ONE more time, 33-31.

(And oh, by the way):  Next year Jon Gruden brings OAK back to NE in the snow for the Championship and my proud r8er Nation will exact revenge on behalf of all America, on the same field Brady’s improbable run of greatness began with that ridiculous Tuck Rule game.  How poetic would that be?  Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.