The Schedule for the Winter Games

Thursday, Feb. 8

Figure Skating fans don’t have to wait for the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Tune in a day early for:

  • Figure Skating: Men’s Single Short Program and Pairs Short Program
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s and Men’s Moguls Qualification

Friday, Feb. 9

South Korea will formally kick off the 2018 Winter Games at 6 a.m. ET — due to the time difference, NBC is streaming the ceremony live on certain platforms and then airing it on television at 8 p.m. The two-hour special and completion of the Torch Relay will be South Korea’s chance to make a big first impression.

Saturday, Feb. 10

  • Figure Skating: Ice Dance Short Dance and Women’s Single Short Program
  • Alpine Skiing: Men’s Downhill

Sunday, Feb. 11

  • Figure Skating: Team Events for Single Free Skating and Ice Dance Free Dance
  • Alpine Skiing: Women’s Giant Slalom
  • Snowboarding: Women’s Slopestyle Final
  • Luge: Men’s Singles Final Runs
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Moguls Final

Monday, Feb. 12

  • Snowboarding: Women’s Halfpipe Final, Men’s Halfpipe Qualifications
  • Alpine Skiing: Men’s Combined
  • Speed Skating: Women’s 1500m

Tuesday, Feb. 13

  • Alpine Skiing: Women’s Slalom, Men’s Combined
  • Figure Skating: Pairs Short Program
  • Snowboarding: Men’s Halfpipe

Wednesday, Feb. 14

  • Skeleton: Men’s
  • Speed Skating: Women’s 1000m
  • Alpine Skiing: Men’s Super-G
  • Figure Skating: Pairs’ Free Skate Final

Thursday, Feb. 15

  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Aerials
  • Skeleton: Men’s Final Run
  • Snowboarding: Women’s Cross
  • Figure Skating: Men’s Single Short Program
  • Cross-Country Skiing: Women’s 10km Freestyle
 Friday, Feb. 16
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Aerials
  • Skeleton: Women’s Runs 1 & 2
  • Alpine Skiing: Women’s Super-G
  • Figure Skating: Men’s Free Skate

Saturday, Feb. 17

  • Alpine Skiing: Men’s Giant Slalom
  • Skeleton: Women’s Final Runs
  • Ski Jumping: Men’s Individual Large Hill
  • Short Track Speed Skating: Men’s 1000m, Women’s 1500m

Sunday, Feb. 18

  • Bobsled: 2-Man Runs
  • Speed Skating: Women’s 500m
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Halfpipe
  • Figure Skating: Ice Dance Short Dance

Monday, Feb. 19

  • Bobsled: 2-Man Finals
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Halfpipe Final
  • Figure Skating: Ice Dance Short Dance Final

Tuesday, Feb. 20

  • Snowboarding: Men’s Ski Halfpipe
  • Bobsled: Women’s Runs
  • Alpine Skiing: Women’s Downhill
  • Figure Skating: Women’s Single Short Program

Wednesday, Feb. 21

  • Freestyle Skiing: Men’s Halfpipe Final
  • Bobsled: Women’s Final
  • Alpine Skiing: Men’s Slalom
  • Cross-Country Skiing: Team Sprint

Thursday, Feb. 22

  • Short Track Speed Skating: Men’s 500m Final, Women’s 100m Final and Men’s 5000m Relay Final
  • Snowboarding: Women’s Big Air Finals
  • Alpine Skiing: Women’s Super Combined
  • Figure Skating: Women’s Free Skate

Friday, Feb. 23

  • Bobsled: 4-Man, Runs 1 and 2
  • Speed Skating: Men’s 1000m
  • Snowboarding: Men’s Big Air
  • Alpine Skiing: Team Event

Saturday, Feb. 24

  • Bobsled: 4-Man, Final Runs
  • Figure Skating Gala Exhibition

Sunday, Feb. 25

  • Closing Ceremony