The Husband Trap…don’t fall for it!

Does this sound familiar?  I heard it in my house recently:

Husband:  “What would you like to do for Valentine’s Day honey?

Wife:  “Nothing, really.  I’m not into it.”

Ahh…the infamous Husband Trap.  “I’m not that into it”…words that can kill a marriage.

Husbands need to avoid this trap.  Get “into” it, even if your wife isn’t.  Don’t be stuck in the trap.  Keep her happy.

Go purchase your $7.99 (when did that happen?!) Hallmark Card.  Spend your $143 or whatever the National Retail Federation tells us we should spend this year.  Or (if funds are tight) write her a Love Letter.  Send her flowers.  Get her chocolates.  Most importantly, tell her you love her.  If you are fortunate enough to be one of the lucky ones to have that “special someone,” make sure you hold onto them tightly.