Presidents’ Day Trivia

Happy Presidents’ Day!  What are you doing to celebrate?  I’m sure you can find a good sale going on at one of our fine area retailers!

As I talked about this morning, an interesting bit of “Useless Trivia” I found this morning regarding Presidents:

Which President’s autograph is the most valuable?

Sure, you might say Abe Lincoln, George Washington, or whoever your favorite is.  Well, you’d be wrong, unless your answer is WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON!

It seems (history lesson coming) that he was only in office 31 days before he died of pneumonia, which means he didn’t get a chance to put his John Hancock on many documents while in office at all.  Less than 50, in fact.  According to what I was able to research, each of those documents are worth over $70,000!!  Yowsa.

There you go.  Amaze your friends with that tidbit of Useless Trivia.  I’ll be here all week!  -Matt