Matt at the movies

Yes, I went to ANOTHER movie this week!  I feel kinda caught up now that I’ve seen “Solo” and “Avengers:  Infinity War”.  I saw Avengers this week-based on everything I’d heard, it was so epic and huge that I wanted to check it out on the big screen before it left theaters.  Looks like I barely made it – I was literally solo (ironic, isn’t it-I saw “Solo” last week) in the theatre-the only soul at my showing.  Anyhow, it did not disappoint.  In the past few weeks I’ve really played catch-up, finally watching my Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther DVD’s and after that I was finally (yes I like to see them in order) able to see Avengers.  All I can say is I’m glad we only have to wait a year until the sequel.

Also new this week is the first trailer for “A Star Is Born” which has the looks of a huge hit.  It stars Bradley Cooper (who also is making his directorial debut) and Lady Gaga.  Although I’m not intimately familiar with the original, I know the jist of the story and this looks great.  Perhaps I won’t be “Solo” in the theater for that one – I have a feeling my wife will be much more eager to accompany me!!