School’s Out For Summer!

Most, if not all, schools on the Mid-Shore dismissed for the summer last week.  Congrats students on a successful school year!  You made it to Summer!!

I hope you all have a fun-filled Summer!  Enjoy the beautiful weather, and all that our area has to offer.  Don’t spend the summer with your eyes looking at a phone, tablet, monitor, tv, etc.!!  Get outside and play!  Be with friends!

Most of all, be kind to one another.  We are in tough times, so let your positive light shine and lift someone up today!

Refuse to let negativity bring you down.  Wake up thankful for an opportunity each day to enjoy life!  I hear so many people complain that “there’s nothing to do here”…  Funny thing is, it doesn’t matter WHERE you are.  It’s just a thing negative people complain about.

We are doing our best to keep a listing of FUN things you can do this summer.  Click the “events” link above to see what’s going on!  Enjoy the summer!