Hot Dog! It’s Hot Dog Day!

Today is officially Hot Dog Day 2018!  What’s your favorite way to do hot dogs?  Right now I’m fully immersed in grilling season, so hot off the grill is my preferred method.  Not charred, mind you, but simply well done (keep those juices locked up inside that skin).

Earlier this week I actually burnt the roof of my mouth as I bit into a dog right off the grill and those hot juices jumped out and left a mark.  For the first time, I actually threw a few buns on the grill for a minute as well, and that was a nice extra dose of light crispiness as I consumed my dog.  I actually have several preferred ways to eat my dogs:  on a bun with a little ketchup and mustard, and also cut up with old fashioned Campbell’s Pork & Beans (sometimes I don’t want so much bread but still want another dog)!  Oh yeah, there’s also Chili Dogs…mmmm good.

Everyone likes a good Countdown…so I’ll rank ’em (my preferences, of course):

  1. Grilled, on a toasted bun, with ketchup/mustard
  2. Cut-up with Pork N Beans (or baked beans-I ain’t picky)
  3. Chili-Dog style!  Lotsa beef in that chili please!
  4. Plain – just a dog with a bun
  5. The Deeluxe (dog, bun, ketchup, mustard AND relish)
  6. (Honorable Mention):  who remembers the hot dog wrapped in a piece of bread from their childhood?

We’ve had hot dogs a bit more often lately…not only because it’s grilling season, but because my 3 year-old will actually eat them.  Yes, it’s one of the few things besides chicken nuggets and fries (and candy) that we can get Dixon to eat.  When you think about it, hot dogs are one of those few foods that are so truly American….who’s going to say no to a hot dog (well, there are the vegetarians and health nuts to think about).

Actually I’ve been trying to eat better myself lately, and if you stop and read the nutrition labels, there are in fact some pretty healthy options out there.  You can definitely still feel like you’re having a hot dog and watch your fat and calorie intake.  I recommend Oscar Meyer “Naturals” turkey or angus beef dogs.  Whatever variety you partake of, don’t be shy-today is your day.  Happy Hot Dog Day to all!!