Welcome Back to School!

I can hear the sound of parents singing everywhere…  “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”….and for kids, it’s the Back-to-School Blues.  Whatever boat you’re in, we appreciate you listening when you wake up!  Maybe a few of you still use those ol’ clock-radio thingys?  Along with the Back-To-School vibes, Fantasy Drafts, and Pumpkin Spice everything, we will also be faced with the inevitable dreaded “Ninety Minute Delays” (or Two Hours, depending on what county you reside in).  Let me tell you, we’re ready again to be your information source for the latest on Fog Delays (or delays of any kind).  If we get a delay for a Mid-Shore school, it becomes a top-priority to get that information across the airwaves with immediacy, and frequency.  So, you’ll hear it every 10 minutes or so, until either I’ve said it 100 times or it gets to be about 8:00AM (whatever comes first)!!  We thank the loyal support of Benson & Mangold Real Estate again this year (savvy advertisers who like to attach themselves to that 100 times* thing)!!  So, while you’re in BTS mode–we are as well, with the full “Weather Response Team” (what ‘team’?) at the ready to bring you the info in the morning for another school year.

  • *100 times could be (maybe) an exaggeration