Fall TV is here!

Just like every new TV season there are a few new shows I’m making a point to check out.  I have called a few of them over the years:  “24,” “Lost,” “This Is Us,” I could see were going to be big hits.  This year I am not sure if we have another ratings bonanza in the slew of new offerings, but there are a few I want to check out.

  • -“Magnum P.I.” – (CBS) People seem to be evenly split on this.  Some are excited about it and others want nothing to do with it.  The original (starring Tom Selleck, of course) is so beloved that many people apparently consider it so sacred that CBS is crazy to re-envision it.  Not me, I’m going to give it a shot.  If we’re being totally honest in fact, I like the fact that Higgins is a female this go-round.  She’s much better looking than that John Hillerman version.
  • -“F.B.I.” – (CBS) This looks like it could become a bit of a “procedural” like many current shows, but I’m going to give it a chance.  I like the lead star Missy Peregrym (“Rookie Blue”), and the show just looks like something right up my alley.  Hopefully it’s not too cookie-cutter and if it is a procedural, let’s hope there is a larger overall plot that drives the show forward and makes you want to keep watching.
  •  -“Manifest” – (NBC) Reminds me a bit of “Lost.” Which could be a good thing. From what I’ve seen, the premise of the show is, an airplane lands…the passengers think all is well, but as it turns out, they’ve been missing for several years.  Where have they been?  This certainly has the look of a “flashback” type of show, in the way that “Lost” was.  Out of the whole lot, this seems to be generating the most “buzz” on social media.  Female viewers seem to be really anticipating the show, so if it’s well done, it could be a bit hit.

While I would say Magnum is the easiest lock to become a hit show, it’s not going to surprise anyone.  I imagine “F.B.I.” will probably last a season or two before it’s cancelled (just too many similar shows the past few years, despite the fact that I like them).  It’s “Manifest” that I would put my money on to either be terrible and get cancelled within 3 episodes, or become the next cult sensation.

Other notables:  “Murphy Brown” is one that many people are highly anticipating.  Sitcoms aren’t really my thing, so I’ll pass on that one though.  “God Friended Me” may have potential.  I had no interest in it whatsoever (thought it was a comedy) until I saw the preview last week.  It seems that it is more of a drama, in the vein of “Person of Interest,” a show I liked.

As for returning shows, the favorites in our house are “This Is Us” and “Blue Bloods.” Oh, and the usual reality/singing shows that you can pretty much sleep through and not miss much.  Let’s hope the new season gives us something to stay up for.  Set your DVR’s and enjoy!


Let me know which shows YOU are looking forward to!  You can always send me feedback at [email protected].