Matt’s Blog: Do I Like Christmas Music? YES!!

Each day this time of year someone asks me “How do you listen to Christmas Music all day?” or “Are you tired of the Christmas Music yet?”… My answers are always the same. Yes, I like it.  No, I’m not tired of it.  Look at it this way: For 11 months of the year I play basically the same mix of much (sure some new songs are added and some of the ‘oldies’ are changed around). Then, for 1 month I play a bunch of Christmas Music.  So, if you’re in the studio where I sit, it’s actually a big change (or break) from the routine. Our Christmas playlist this year is also a lot bigger, so some of the titles are new to me even.

I think too many of us are so quick to want to go negative…I urge you in all aspects of your life, to take the high road.  Christmas is a time of joy and love.  We can certainly handle it for a month.

Merry Christmas and Thank You so much for listening, from myself and the rest of the Spence clan:  Christina, Dixon, Sunflower, and Clyde.