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The more we hear about these new “Smart Speakers,” the more we love them!

Statistics show after only 2 years of existence, 18% of all adults own one. The numbers will go even higher this holiday season, with the various companies being hyper-competitive and offering deep discounts on the devices.

If you are “out of the loop” on Smart Speakers, let me catch you up.  The 2 main players are Amazon’s Echo device, which features “Alexa,” (“Alexa start 96-7 WCEI) while the Google Home device simply responds to “Hey Google.”

More and more people are telling us that they listen again at home with Alexa or Google!  That’s great news.  We even had an Alexa “skill” made to make things easier.  Follow the instructions on this site if you need help getting us cranked up on your new Smart Speaker.  Most of all, thanks for listening (however you do it)!!