Favorite Golden Globes moments

Unlike many years, we are slightly interested in the awards shows this year because we have actually seen some of the movies!  Last night I made it through most of the Golden Globes broadcast, and a few of my favorite moments were:

  • Funniest:  “Free Flu Shots!!”  – Hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh did a good job of poking fun at one of the shows last year when they had pizza delivered to the auditorium and served it to the guests.  This year it was “Free Flu Shots,” and they actually had a few of the stars get stuck with needles.  This surely made lots of viewers (many of whom usually find the smug celebs a bit annoying), have a chuckle.   Honorable Mention:  at one point there were 2 guys onstage to accept an award for “Green Room” but only one got to speak.  As the first guy finished, the band started and the camera zoomed out, but you could see the next guy holding his arms up, going ‘wait, I don’t get to say anything?’  Sorry, sir, but it made me laugh.


  • Best speech that wasn’t overly preachy or political:  Jeff Bridges winning the Cecil B. Demille Award.  Comes across as more of a “regular guy” than 99% of the Hollywood celebrities.  Why would we expect anything less from “The Dude??”


  • Wow, I saw that movie! – It was nice to see some of the movies we’d appreciated get some love.  “A Star Is Born” received several nominations but didn’t win any of the big awards other than Best Original Song.  Still, it was nice to see Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga get the deserved recognition by being nominated in the big categories…and if they had to lose…at least it was to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” another one we went to the theater to see this year and really liked.  That was a surprise.  Also good to see Rami Malek get the win for Best Actor in a Drama.  I’m looking forward to seeing the Oscar nominations come out here very soon!