Snow on the way this weekend! Are you ready?

The Mid-Shore is looking at our first real Winter Weather event of the season this weekend.  Most of the forecasts now agree that we should be see somewhere between 2 and 4 inches.

Talbot County Emergency Services says:  Snow will start to affect our area Saturday afternoon and begin to taper off Sunday morning. The National Weather Service has predicted 2-4” of snowfall for our area. Temperatures will stay in the mid-30s and dropping to the mid-20s in the evenings.

From Kent County (MD) we recieved this message:  The NWS has advised us that Kent County will likely receive up to 3” of snow, starting Saturday night and going into Sunday morning.    Temperatures will be in the 20’s overnight Saturday, and the greatest impact on our roads will be around sunset Saturday.   The northern end of the County will likely see less snow than the southern end.

We update you on weather each hour (approx. 20 past), and of course on Monday, will have any school delay or closing info to pass along!  Be safe & smart this weekend and stay warm!