Matt’s Journal: Lather, rinse, repeat!?

Not to sound like a broken record (we really don’t have those anymore–the number of people that even “get” that saying is really dwindling), but didn’t we do this last week?!  Yet, here we are again.  Snow–or rain, or some sort of what we like to call a “Wintry Mix” (weather people like to be as vague as possible) is in the forecast again.  Seriously, I’m ready for sun and 88 degrees anytime.

The good news is, it looks like what’s headed our way this week isn’t supposed to be as bad as last week.  A bit of snow maybe Thursday Night then another snow/rain event Saturday, but at this point for the Mid-Shore it looks to lean more toward rain.  That’s the good news.

The bad news?  I read this week a rather disturbing online article (I did check; it’s not fake news) that talked about the “…Polar Vortex breaking apart…” and resulting in a sustained period of severe cold weather (and storms) for the East Coast.  It’s expected this could last for several weeks, well into February.

I’m sorry but reading or hearing about the “fracturing of the Polar Vortex” sounds really bad to me.  I’m wondering who will save us.  I mean, the Avengers (Spoiler Alert) are in pretty bad shape right now.  Seriously, where’s Will Smith when we need him?

Add to this, my Neflix bill is increasing?!

Is that the Four Horsemen there on the horizon?

Stay warm, my friends!  Thanks for reading (and listening)!


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