Mark Potter Blog: Today’s Hot Topic

The topic on today’s WINX-FM Morning Show was “Things Mom forced you to eat as a kid that you would never eat again.”

The phone lines were jumping today. I guess that happens any time you bring up Momma and food.

The most popular responses were Brussels Sprouts and Liver & Onions, both of which I hated. But the one that “took the cake” came from Amanda. As a child living in England, she had to eat Black Pudding and Baked Sheep Hearts. The Black Pudding consisted of ox blood and fat made into a sausage and friend. The sheep hearts had stuffing in each of the chambers. Sounds so good!  NOT!!!!

Other popular responses were muskrat, fish, scalloped potatoes, hamburgers in gravy, hot dogs on white bread, and Patty even said Bologna.


Thanks for making the WINX-FM Morning Show so much fun!


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