Matt’s Blog: The Quest for the perfect Oreo

This week began with a quest.  I was out to find the legendary (at this point I had only heard about it) “Most” Oreos.  Last week I found the deceiving “Mega” Oreos, which truly (IMHO) are simply the “Double Stuffs” repackaged and re-marketed.  But I had seen pictures on Social Media of the “Most” Oreos, which reportedly contained more creme than “Mega.”  We can debate why “Most” contains more creme than “Mega” at another time (doesn’t “Mega” sound bigger-but I digress).

Last week I did an Instagram post of my “Mega” cookies, and voiced my disappointment (I didn’t feel they were anything special, basically just another “Double-Stuff”). This is when I realized (after reading comments) the subtle difference between “Mega” and “Most.”  From that point on, I was on a quest to find the “Most” Oreos.

My first attempt was at the Easton Target where I had found the Megas, but they didn’t have any Mosts.  Over the weekend I tried the Cambridge Wal-Mart, to no avail.  Someone on Facebook told me Harris Teeter had them.  Then someone called the studio and said she worked at Harris Teeter and they didn’t…BUT she had just seen them in the Easton Wal-Mart.  Away I went (after the show was over) to Wal-Mart to see.  Behold, I found them!

My thoughts:  Many people claim to “not like the creme,” but I think there is something wrong with these people.  I love the creme…and these cookies deliver the goods!  These are almost “Triple-Stuff” Oreos!  Sadly there is more sugar involved (obviously)…to the tune of 11g of sugar and 110 calories per cookie.  The most I’ve had at one time is 2 (in the Wal-Mart parking lot of course).  Given the extra calories and sugar, it’s probably wise of Nabisco to put these in the smaller, “Limited Edition,” packaging.  Sorry, no family pack available at this time.  This is all resulting in more time on the treadmill for ol’ Matt here.

My son dove into them and had a couple, my wife had 2, my father-in-law, had one (poor Mom is allergic to chocolate so she can only have the Golden Oreos), and so far, no sign of the creme haters…

Get ’em while they last, and enjoy!


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