Matt’s Blog: A Star Is Born, again (and again)!

In my adult life I don’t believe I had ever gone to see a movie three times.  Until last weekend.  We went to Salisbury Saturday evening to see the Special “Encore” Edition of “A Star Is Born.”

This is a movie I’ve now seen about 3.5 times, actually.  The first time was right after the Easton Beer Fest…so I figure I have an excuse for my memory being a bit foggy.  What I did remember were some really good movie “moments” that Bradley Cooper (star and director) orchestrated.  My wife totally loved the film (and I’d slept through good portions of it), so we decided to go again a week or so later.  We also now have the Digital Copy and Blu Ray.  I bought her the soundtrack on CD too.  Then after the Oscars they announced the Encore Edition would be coming to theaters starting last Friday.  My wife can’t get enough of it.  And…well, I’ll admit I kinda like it too.  Having already seen it a few times, we noticed the extra stuff pretty easily.  Much of it is really good, and must have been very hard for them to edit out of the regular theatrical release (which I’m sure they did for time reasons-to keep it as close as possible to the magic two hour run time that the studios so desire).

What I really like is the fact that Chrissy (who is truly not much of a movie buff) likes to discuss the film making, the plot, and all of the “what ifs” that come along with it.  Had I been a bit more closed-minded (“Honey I’m not going to see that AGAIN!”), I may have missed this chance for us to bond more over it.  Too many times nowadays couples and families are so stuck with their heads down in their phones, or doing their own thing.  It’s nice to feel that again.  To share in some “excitement” over something new.  Even if it’s just a movie.  Thank you Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, and the rest of those that made the film, for giving us this work of art to enjoy together!


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