Thanking our Heroes!

As we welcome the start of Summer and Memorial Day Weekend, I wanted to bring to attention the “Flags For Heroes” displays that will dot the landscape in Easton and other towns in our area and around the U.S. in the coming days.

In Easton & Talbot County, Flags For Heroes is the work of the Rotary Club Of Easton.  For a $50 donation, you can have a flag honoring a “hero” that you specify.  Many of us choose to remember military heroes, those that paid the ultimate price to protect our cherished freedom.  The flags can be purchased in memory of any hero in your life though. For someone it might be a teacher.  For someone else a coach, a parent, or something else.

The flags will be on display in several areas of Easton, including usually in front of the old Black & Decker, Thompson Park, Idlewild Park, the Community Center (pictured below-with the back of my son’s head-a few years ago), and other areas.  I’m sure you’ll notice them.  This is what they are for.  It’s the great work of the Rotary Club. I know that similar projects are going on in other areas as well.

Whether it’s our military heroes, or those that shaped our lives in some way, we salute you all!  Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

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