Birthday Club – WINX
  • Tell us who you'd like us to add to the Birthday Club (One person per entry). If you have a few to share with us, you can use the "Anything else?" section at the bottom.
  • For example, January 1 or 1/1
  • Tell us where this person lives so we can mention their town!
  • Example: "Mom & Dad," "the whole family," or "everyone at work." Listing every member of the family and all the pets doesn't mean we will say all those names on the radio.
  • Tell us how we can reach you if we have any questions OR if the person you're nominating wins a prize!
  • While we cannot guarantee every bit of information will be announced (actually we can't guarantee anything), if there is anything else you need to tell us, use this area to get it off your chest!
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